Thursday, May 20, 2010

USFWS visits!

Keith Paul with the Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife visited the dog and hooter team in Hayfork! He gave us an excuse to gather together as an entire crew to make & bake homemade pizzas. We used Eric, hooter team crew leader's, wheat crust recipe topped with fresh morel mushrooms collected straight from our hiking adventures. Jodi, CK 9 dog handler, had recently purchased an ancient ice cream maker for $3. She looked up a recipe online and tested it out on us. Wow, it was delicious. We owe Keith and USFWS in Red Bluff a huge thank you for coming up to lil' ol' Hayfork and getting the entire crew together for a night because unfortunately we work COMPLETELY different schedules and never get to see one another!  Field work is off to a great start despite some minor rainy weather setbacks... the dogs love the cooler temperatures but hooter crew can't hoot in the rain (it could pull a nesting female off a nest).  This next week promises more days of sunshine though.

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