Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monsieur Max

Bonjour!  My name ezz Max.  I am part French, part Blue Heeler.  Slurp.  Shrek and I vent on a hike today in zee forest.  So sunny, many little creatures to sniff but my handler told me "Non!"  Oh well.  I do not mind because Shrek and I both found many owl pellets.  He and I love to search out zee pellets and play wit zee ball.  Zee owls, they are so funny, yes?  Why do zee people hoot for them when Shrek and I, we can find them no problem?  I get to train again this afternoon.  I am learning to speak at the pellets to let my handler know I have found zee Spotted Owl.  Is she blind, that she needs me to also bark?  She is so silly.  Au revoir for now!

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